MeteoExplorer Touch

The world first touch-oriented meteorological software optimized for Windows 8/RT

MeteoExplorer Touch, based on the technology of desktop MeteoExplorer software, is a professional software for analyzing and visualizing scientific data. It is also the world first touch-oriented meteorological software optimized for Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Windows RT operating system. MeteoExplorer touch emphasizes performance by following native C++ development and tapping DirectX hardware acceleration rendering technology. It is also designed to be a productivity tool that makes no compromise in implementing its features. Indeed, it provides more than 70% features offered by MeteoExplorer. Moreover, by taking advantage of the touch-oriented functionalities in Windows 8/RT, MeteoExplorer Touch brings an all-new experience for atmospheric science researchers and professionals to process meteorological data on their mobile devices as well as PCs.

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MeteoExplorer touch
Screenshot of MeteoExplorer Touch running on Microsoft Surface Pro tablet.


MeteoExplorer is a cross-platform software for analyzing and rendering atmospheric science and geoscience data. It supports popular data formats including WMO GRIB1/GRIB2, NetCDF, and MICAPS, and provides basic GIS functionalities. Developed with C++, MeteoExplorer targets multiple computing platforms including Microsoft Windows, GNU Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems.

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MeteoExplorer in action
MeteoExplorer shows sea level pressure (black), 500hPa height (green), and wind (brown) in United States on October 25, 2012, when hurricane Sandy reached its climax.