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MeteoExplorer Linux用户,请告诉我们您的问题 (2012/4/8)

Thank you very much for trying MeteoExplorer! When developing MeteoExplorer, we have potential users of all computing platforms in mind. It’s our responsibility to give our users the best out-of-the-box experience, no matter what their favorite computing platforms are. With MeteoExploerer 1.0, we managed to support Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7, GNU Linux and SGI Irix 6.5 operating systems. You may notice that I do not add any vender names, distribution names, version numbers behind “GNU Linux”. The reason is simple: there are too many of them! The Linux operating system enjoys a great reputation of openness, free from proprietary vender lock-up, and community collaboration. However, the other side of the story is code base fork, incompatibility among different distributions. These drawbacks bring us a lot of challenges in providing a consistent user experience to Linux users, i.e. we were unable to test compatibilities of MeteoExplorer Linux build on all distributions. This is in sharp contrast to testing the compatibilities of MeteoExplorer Windows build. As a result, we are not so confident on whether the Linux build will work on your machine and we beg your forgiveness if it fails. Nonetheless, these potential obstacles won’t undermine our support on this open platform. What we care most is your feedback. If you have any issues on running MeteoExplorer Linux build on your machine, please tell us the following information about your system:

l  distribution name and version (e.g. Fedora 11)

l  system information (issue the command ‘uname -a’)

l  graphics adapter information (e.g. nVidia Quadro NVS 140M)

l  X window system version (issue the command ‘Xorg -version’)

l  OpenGL information (issue the command ‘glxinfo | less’)

l  output of MeteoExplorer (issue the command ‘mexplorer’)

We respect your privacy and won’t disclose the information you provided.

In all, we are looking forward to your feedbacks and thank you for supporting ME!